Paul Quelle

Associate Partner

Paul (1961, yes one more Paul !) recently joined the PURIVE team. Paul’s focus is interim procurement management for High Tech companies that develop and manufacture technical products.

His specialty is setting up “co-creation”, in other words co-operation with partner-suppliers in the areas of development and manufacturing, resulting in fast and efficient innovation.  Paul’s value comes from having acquired relevant experience in High Tech business units, having worked extensively with R&D, allowing him to speak their language.

Paul has developed his career within Philips, focusing on procurement since 2001 and holding director positions in management teams and in commodity management. His areas of experience cover co-creation, co-development, (out-)sourcing strategies, make/buy, product cost-down engineering, negotiation, supplier audit, supplier quality, contracting, software licensing, intellectual property, procurement process improvement, risk management, product development from a procurement perspective, and project management.


  • DfX Convention Leader Level 1
  • Financial course (FAME) Advanced ODM Outsourcing
  • Supplier Certification
  • Advanced Negotiating
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Purchasing Foundation
  • Technical University Delft, faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Specialization Production Technologies.

Paul has lived and worked in Portugal and lived in Nigeria and Indonesia as a child. He is fluent in Dutch and English and at an intermediate level in German and French.

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