Supplier audit

With our extensive experience with supplier audits, we are capable of auditing suppliers over several processes. The audit results can immediately be used to (for example) release suppliers, implement process improvements, or drive cost reduction.

Depending on the client’s needs we offer the following audit services:

–       Silver: 1 day audit 

  • Primary process with focus on the product for the client
  • One day at supplier premises with one auditor
  • Deliverable: Pros/Cons and general point of improvement

–       Gold: Full process audit   

  • Primary and supporting processes
  • Two days at supplier premises with two auditors
  • Deliverable: Detailed report on improvement opportunities for all processes

–       Platinum: Full process and cost audit

  • Primary and supporting processes, focus on costs and processes
  • Three days at supplier premises with two auditors
  • Deliverable: Extensive detailed report on improvement opportunities in costs and processes