10 Year Purive

PURIVE 10 years: a great success story

Started as Purchasing Partners on December 1, 2010, Heiko Vetkamp and Paul Rademaker, together with ex-Philips colleague Paul Castelijns, started entrepreneurship. The idea was to offer interim purchasing support to SMEs in the Eindhoven region: “we are your purchasing partners”. The first customer with whom a longer contract was concluded was Epyon Fast Chargers, later taken over by ABB.
More customers soon followed, such as Philips, The Ocean Cleanup and Halo. In addition to Purchasing, the consultancy and interim management services were expanded to support companies in the field of Supply Chain Management / Logistics, Operations and Program & Project Management. In the meantime, there was so much demand for purchasing and supply chain competences from several customers that people were hired permanently. We also hired self-employed persons who we offered to our customers for interim work under our quality flag.
This business model worked well. New partner Paul Simmeren joined. He brought in new clients such as Enexis and Unilever and the company name changed to PURIVE: PURchasing with drIVE. Our quality was recognized in the market and PURIVE stood (and stands) for reliability and “what you see is what you get”. In addition, a number of start-ups were supported such as Innr connected Lighting and IPSUM Energy. This was brought about by the partners’ quick decision-making and sense of adventure.
A memorable breakfast in Hong Kong even led to the large Apple as a customer, a beautiful supplier palette was born. When the Chinese Opple also became a customer, PURIVE was officially a (small) multinational with customers on several continents. Multinationals, SMEs and start-ups became clients of PURIVE.

Both Paul Simmeren and Paul Castelijns entered permanent employment with start-up IPSUM. Rob Hoevenaars joined as a partner, resulting in new customers such as Bilfinger Tebodin, Engie and Nooteboom Trailers. After ASML also became a customer, the name PURIVE was finally established. In addition, other types of assignments were also carried out, such as quick scans and assistance in drawing up contracts with suppliers or customers. New clients followed such as Eneco, Timothy Oulton, LM Wind Power, Mosa, Jan Krediet, TNA solutions, Sidcon, AAE in addition to further start-up coaching and guidance.
Rob knows how to keep the social factor in the company high by organizing several fantastic BBQs. In addition to hard work and long-term customer support, PURIVE stands for fun. Christmas drinks with people who had worked for and with us ensure a close network. The strategic sessions on the Zeeland waters and delicious meals together with the Supervisory Board will lead to further successes for PURIVE.
PURIVE still has a great drIVE. Within purchasing we are active in the field of non product related, bill of material and project (capex) related. In addition to PURchasing, supply chain, operations and program & project management are strong pillars of an international company that is active on three continents and helps multinationals, SMEs and start-ups. Partly thanks to an extensive network, PURIVE has built up a good customer base over the past 10 years in the market segments Industry, High-Tech, Retail non-food, Engineering, Logistics services and Energy. PURIVE is looking forward to serving your company in the future!