Our services are focused on tailor-made procurement and supply chain support. Our services range from managing complex projects to total transformation of the procurement role of our client in complex environments. Results are delivered with evident financial benefits for the client. If desired, outsourcing of the procurement organization to PURIVE is also possible.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management Business Process Outsourcing Supplier Audits
Interim Category Basic
Projects Group Full process
Consultancy Full process Full process and costs


CPO large Dutch grid company

“I want to express my compliments again for your contribution …:

A clear message as an answer to the research questions.

More of an outside-in approach than we are used to. ”

“A lot of work and data was consolidated in a short time in an understandable and presentable form. I know how difficult that is: “Today I’m sending you a long letter because I did not have the time for a short one.””

EMEA Purchasing Director Pharma Multinational

“I would like to thank PURIVE, who did a great job in setting up the Category Professional Services & Personnel from scratch. PURIVE has created the foundation for future projects and savings in this area.”

“I can heartily recommend PURIVE. They have time for me, a valuable contribution to a significant package savings on purchasing various portfolio’s.”