What makes us different?

Procurement and supply chain management provide an essential contribution to the business results of your organization. The PURIVE team thinks and works in a multidisciplinary manner. We achieve measurable and sustainable results through the development of strategic and tactical sourcing & supply chain programs. Parallel to this, we implement the relevant procurement, supply chain management organization, and processes.

With many years of management experience, we are able to guide your people towards the desired change(s). Integrity, independence, and transparency are the guiding principles for the delivery of your project, in which we demonstrably deliver value by implementing process improvements in the supply chain. Our relationships are focused on the long term.

Complex issues are the rule. Distinctive key elements of our services are:

Knowledge & Experience
We have superior domain expertise in industry (lighting, high-tech, steel, and electronics), retail non-food, transport, and logistics. We are completely focused on procurement and supply chain optimization and support. Our procurement expertise covers both product- and non-product related (NPR) services. In combination with high-quality supply chain expertise, sales, IT, and operational expertise, we are the partner for complex projects and issues.

Procurement & supply chain management takes place in the global market. Our team has knowledge and experience in several continents: Europe (Benelux, DACH, France, UK, the Nordic countries, South-, Central-, and East-Europe), China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the USA. We have worked and lived in different continents and have truly experienced the culture in countries like the USA, Australia, Bolivia, China, Hong Kong, Poland, and Romania.

We offer appropriate solutions by adjusting our services on the run if unexpected circumstances or specific customer expectations require it. For start-ups, we can offer different services and business models than we do for multinationals. Markets are more volatile and uncertain there, so we understand the possible need to adjust along the way.

We can provide an appropriate quick response to requests from clients. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, our entry time into your projects and issues is short. We are agile and react quickly to changes or issues that occur during projects. We enable our customers to quickly react and adapt to rapidly changing markets.

We have solid, international backgrounds and have worked across different industries. We approach projects and issues with an integral view, have experience with different cultures, and are trained to work according to proven methodologies, concepts, and tools. Next to designing solutions, we also know how to implement them in a hands-on way. Our customers experience our service and appreciate our work, resulting in long-term relationships. They get high quality for a medium price.