PURIVE offers procurement interim management and consulting support from a senior procurement level up to procurement executives. Our team members are able to support our clients with complex  procurement projects.

Interim, Projects and Consultancy

  • Approach:  multi-functional approach to all direct- and indirect procurement categories using proven methods and techniques
  • Process: design and implementation of procurement processes (future, people, processes, and skills)
  • Sponsorship: at the board level, with organization-wide commitment and ownership
  • Entrepreneurship:  together with the client we are dedicated to build a future-proof business case, with the possibility to link PURIVE’s rates to the results achieved

Our consultants are experienced in many procurement segments:

Procurement analysis & strategy

  • Procurement assessments, including reporting and advice to management
  • Developing and implementing a mid/long-term (global) procurement strategy, including a short-term action plan
  • Analyzing, designing, and implementing procurement processes
  • Leading, managing, and improving procurement teams, both local and international

Program & Project management

  • Implementing procurement solutions and business improvements
  • Leading sourcing processes and contract negotiations
  • Establishing long-term partnerships with suppliers, with clear goals for improving processes and increasing turnover
  • Developing and leading ERP (Microsoft Dynamics, Shared Tools) implementations
  • Centralizing and improving logistic solutions plus supply chain solutions to mechanics
  • Reduction of costs, stocks, and cycle time
  • Extended experience in product-related- or BOM (bill of material) procurement for (semi-)finished plastics, metals, packaging, PCB’s (printed circuit boards), electrical- and electronic products/components and other assembly components in China, Taiwan, and East-Europe
  • Establishing national NPR (non-product related) procurement coordination with substantial savings and improvements
  • Extended experience in project-related procurement for contracting and process & industry on behalf of end customers
  • NPI (new product introduction) and ramp-up of new electrical turnkey products, including setting up outsourced manufacturing/assembly in both Europe and China
  • Introducing worldwide turnkey lightened ceiling projects for a multinational retail company, broadening the view and enlarging the strategy of our customer

Change Management

  • Supporting start-up companies during their (pre-)seed phase, including negotiating contracts and early funding
  • Ramp-up of a new production facility implementation for both steel welding and assembly activities in Romania
  • Leading complete refurbishment of multiple offices and relocation of several hundreds of employees

Business Development

  • Supporting sales teams in large multi-disciplinary- and international tenders
  • Coaching the managing director/CEO of SMEs (small & medium Enterprises) in the areas of Lean, SCM optimization, and general management, resulting in increased profitability


  • Leading multi-disciplinary teams for international supplier audits
  • Performing internal audits in a standardized and structured way
  • Leading cost-down audits and quick scans at supplier for cost-down programs, leading to substantial cost reductions

To elaborate on what we do, we describe two themes in more detail:

New Product Introductions 

Integration of suppliers in the product creation process is crucial for a successful product introduction. The timely involvement of procurement and supply chain expertise in the development process can make the difference between profit and loss. PURIVE has a proven track record in the High Tech- and Electronics industry. Our services could typically involve:

  • Timely establishment of operations and the supply chain
  • “Make or buy” strategy and decisions
  • Production preparation of prototypes and manufacturing environments
  • Industrialization: managing and supporting the transfer of products and processes (in a short period) from their development phase into industrialization and mass production
  • The supplier integration process
  • Defining of project milestones, objectives, and contracting of suppliers
  • Defining and safeguarding intellectual property strategy

Procurement of Services and Outsourcing 

Smooth and effective cooperation with internal clients and specifying the needs are the foundation of the procurement of services and/or outsourcing of services. Specific experience and full support from the procurement team from idea to implementation warrants a successful project.

We assist our clients with:

  • Drafting specifications and execution requests for information/quotation
  • Executing market research and supplier audits
  • The negotiation process and legal contracting